Houng + Henry = Houngry

July 20, 2014

Houngry 1

Houngry 2

Houngry 4

Houngry 8

Houngry 6

Houngry 11

Houngry 9

Houngry 10

Houngry 3

Houngry 12

Houngry 13

Houngry 7

Houngry 5

Houngry 14

Quick Is The Name

July 16, 2014

DJ Quick 5

DJ Quick 7

DJ Quick 6

DJ Quick 8

DJ Quick 10

DJ Quick 1

DJ Quick 2

Pride In The Name Of Love

June 25, 2014

50 Milli 1

Pride 2014 1

Pride 2014 2


May 28, 2014

Cliffside 1

Gin & Juice

May 25, 2014

Juicy J 4b

Juicy J 5a

Juicy J 1

Rapper and Oscar award winner…Juicy-J.

Nychos Libre

May 20, 2014

Becoming a successful artist can boil down to your individuality sometimes. Skill is a good percentage of someone’s talents but really it’s your substance that may hold you in a different bracket from the rest. Nychos’s anatomy deconstruction is as complex as it is bogus to the human eye. It’s literally nothing I have ever seen before. He creates an organic form and almost brutally tears it apart with all the organs and skeletal structures intact as though to mimic an anatomy chart in science class. It’s a combination of inner beauty as well as serial violence. Just signs of a true original…or a complete mad man.

Nycho 8

Nycho 1

Nycho 9a

Nycho 11b

Nycho 6

Nycho 5

Nycho 7

Nycho 12

His murals are where he gets to show what he’s really capable of. For the lack of better words, he just kicks more ass when he’s not confined to a small surface area. During his visit in San Francisco for his show at Upper Playground, he added three more murals and one being the largest he’s ever done located in Oakland (not pictured below).

Nycho 2

Nycho 4

Nycho 3

Nycho 13

Jeremy Fish 2

And during my visit to Nycho’s show, I got to meet another SF great (Jeremy Fish) and got his new book signed. It’s a collective of all his past works for the last 5 years from shows spanning all across the globe. A great addition to anyone’s art library.

Jeremy Fish 1

Jeremy Fish 3

Asa-Hole at The Hundreds SF

May 18, 2014

Asa 1

Asa 11

Asa 19

Asa 4

Asa 10

Asa 17

Asa 3

Asa 15

Asa 18

Asa 12

Asa 13

Asa 20

Asa 16

Asa 7

Asa 6

Asa 14

Asa 9

Asa 2

Asa 8

Asa 5