D-Block: The Lox

April 14, 2014

I apologize in advance to my audience if this comes off as a little dense and downright retarded. As many of you know, some people in the West Coast live in a bubble which result in major generalizations in what we think is fact or fiction. I for one accept that I may be wrong at times but I still like to express my opinions nonetheless and deal with the rebuttals later. To this day I refuse to think Lil’ Boosie is as big as he’s made out to be but my opinions was challenged as an apposing superfan told me that I didn’t know jack do-do and how I was a “turd from the Gay Area”. Sticks and stones my friend…sticks and stones.

Lox 1

I never understood why I hated The Lox so much. I know of the contracts desputes by Puff, I know their initial start

Lox 5

Lox 9

Lox 12

Lox 2

Lox 13

Lox 10

Lox 7

Lox 8

Lox 15

Lox 11

Lox 14

Lox 3

Lox 4

Lox 6

Skate And Destroy

April 7, 2014

Skate And Destroy 4

BFK: Baby Face Killa

April 2, 2014

This is my self-proclaimed experience at a Freddie Gibbs concert this past Thursday. Just odd little tidbits that I think would have never happened if it wasn’t a Freddie Gibbs concert, spring break and in San Francisco. The combination of the three can formulate some funny observations and experiences.

Gibbs 2

Factoid #1 from that night. I was waiting in line in front of a man that wanted to “fuck any niggah up” when he got inside. You know how I know? He told me. I get this lonely tap on the shoulder from what looks like a Yelawolf clone and he asked if I had a lighter which obviously had to do with his obsession of alcohol since he smelled like liquor piss. Like a gentlemen (which oddly didn’t go fair with him) I politely said no and he proceeded to share his one liner of anger with me. 3 hours later in the mist of Gibbs performing his third song, I see him yelling at some other goons where his wish almost came into fruition if it wasn’t for the two 6 footers that ran security in the front row. Shoot…he almost had it.

Gibbs 6

Weird story #2. Gibbs and Madlib’s audience is an odd one. Let me single out one in particular that we’ll just dub Sarah because well, that is what everyone else called her. Sarah the douche that she is was feeling herself, rubbin’ her A-cup titties in every which way that she could while chuckin’ deuces in the air as if poppin’ gang signs on Crenshaw. Never one for embarrassment, Sarah then proceeded to fire off the n-word as much as possible. Phrases such as “niggah pass the blunt” never sounded so weird and mostly due to her being Asian if any. Actually to my recollection, every n-word I heard wasn’t even said by a black person. Actually come to think of it, there were hardly any black people at the concert at all. Just weird.

Gibbs 5

Law #3: if you don’t smoke weed, you are a bitch. I won’t bullshit, my poison has never been weed and every time I smoke it, I trip harder then your average which just makes it that marijuana and I just don’t go hand in hand. But to be called a bitch? I felt it was a little uncalled for. That is what I get for waving the no-no hand sign to a 250 pound Italian guy that has no clue how strong he really is as he’s Jersey turnpiking my hip. To his credit, I even went a little apeshit when Gibbs performed BFK but a bitch I assure you I am not.

Gibbs 7


By the end of the night, I had seen enough and yet, I felt like I wanted more. Gibbs manages to set hearts on fire but leaves his crowd estranged from not attempting to do some of his cult classic songs. I guess it was just not that type of concert and Cocaine Piñata was more the focus…rats. I should have came out when he was promoting E$GN.

Gibbs 3

The San Francisco Treat

April 1, 2014

Coppola 1

Mr Blue Sky

March 27, 2014

Da Bay Bridge 1

Da Bay Bridge 2

You Ain’t Missing Nothing

March 17, 2014

Maria 1

Napa 1

Mission Alley 1

Mags 1

Graff 1

Fog City 1

Fog City 1

Grace Cathedral 1b

Grace Cathedral 2

De La Soul Is From The Soul

March 12, 2014

De La Soul has accepted their fun old age while jarring at the fans this past Friday, saying how they hate performing such great hits as Saturdays because in hindsight, that song is just really stupid to do live. Like three brothers up to no good, Posdnuos, Trugoy, and Maceo proceed to get busy while jabbing subtle lashes at each other the whole time. “Look at this old ass nigga! His kids got kids!”. Proudly Maceo takes a bow saying, “At least it was with one woman!” and the crowd goes nuts. Score one point for monogamy.

De La Soul 1

It’s been 25 Years since the release of Three Feet High And Rising and as some sort of thank you from artist to fan, De La Soul decided to release their entire catalog up for download just for one day and one day only (but a month ago). It was their way of giving back and offering their music to people that want to listen or have been listening this whole time.

De La Soul 2

De La Soul 5

I have still yet to get this photography thing at concerts. It’s like coming to a porn set and you see this guy next to you and just think, damn this guy has a bigger camera than me! I mean I am content with what I have (snub nose 50mm and a 24mm to match) but you can’t help but wonder if this guy is going to outperform you with his girthy zoom and huge flash. So I do a half shiver to spark some blood in my system and get ready to fuck…I mean shoot.

De La Soul 7

In the beginning I am always slow to the draw. I sort of pop a shot to check the lighting, set my ISO at a proper number and when the tempo starts pumping, I send my camera into AR-15 mode. Click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click……..

De La Soul 10

De La Soul 6d

De La Soul 12

De La Soul 8

De La Soul 3

De La Soul 4d

De La Soul 9

De La Soul 11

……..click, click, click, click…”Thank you San Francisco. GOOD NIGHT!”…and the fingers rest. By the end of it after over 700 shots of pure shit, I was able to capture 12 super clear photos that are now posted on this blog. My ratio is messed up but I am still left with what I came for. Praise Allah for digital cameras, memory cards and De La Soul for 25 years of excellence. That was truly one of the funnest shows I have ever been to.

Atak SF – Analog Tattoo Art Show

March 11, 2014

I finally got out the house. Stretched my legs on a nice subdued Thursday evening and made my way to the upper part of the Tenderloin to see Analog Tattoo‘s new tattoo shop and art show. It’s not as scary as it sounds even though it sits above one of SF’s most poverty stricken areas, but it’s still not a total good idea lugging around thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment. I am usually pretty unfazed by the ghettos here and I’ll gladly bite any hobo in the shin if it meant freeing up my shit. After all…I do have rabies.

Atak SF 1

Stepping into the newly revamped building, you first notice a sea of work gathered by the collective that are the true masters of tattooing of today. Analog shows it’s high allegiance from the greats with Shawn Barber, Chris O’Donnell, Mutsuo, Ichibay, Mike Davis, Toby Torres, Horitomo and Mike Giant just to name a few.

Atak SF 2

Atak SF 6

Tattooing poses a number of myths and facts resulting in some interesting statements and outcomes. Myth: Tattooing your arm miraculously makes your penis bigger! Fact: If a girl has a tramp stamp, always tell her about myth #1. Myth: A girl will go home with you because of your myth #1. Fact: Masturbating with a tattooed arm is like the prison version of the stranger.

Atak SF 12

Though evidence will prove me wrong, I still like my tattoo artist to have somewhat of a solid background in arts. It’s not so much that it will be reflected in their tattoo work but more so that there are creative juices flowing in their heads whether it’s picking out the right colors or adjusting the composition in seeing how a piece will lay on the body. It shouldn’t be such a cookie cutter system. Every tattoo should be treated as a framed work of art.

atak sf 14a

Atak SF 4

Atak SF 7

Dragon by Philip Leu going for a measly $9,000. Worth every penny.

Atak SF 3

If you are seeing a man sucking on his own red penis…then my friend, you do not need glasses.

Atak SF 15a

Atak SF 5

Atak SF 9

Atak SF 11

Atak SF 8

My favorite from the show by Julian Zeff. It’s like T&C Surf Design meets old Japanese folk art.

Atak SF 13

Atak SF 10

Ocean Mist

March 6, 2014

Sutro Fog 1

Galactic Crusader

February 20, 2014

The mind is grossly underestimated with how it can physically push our abilities to perform at a top level. There are the majority that subconsciously set their own boundaries in what we can achieve and then there are the chosen few that know they can reach much more beyond that unreachable point where they find themselves almost completely alone. These people are known as the best of the best, the Michael Jordan of their craft and future legends that will be surely be written in our history books to come.

Q bert 1

This man right here is none other than DJ Q-Bert. He is not only named after that intolerable 80′s video game character but quite frankly he is the best turntablist to grace our planet. To say Q-Bert is important to DJing is a total understatement. Quite frankly modern day scratching (I am not talking ass play) wouldn’t be where it is if it wasn’t for this Filipino-American man. He helped pioneer and cultivate something so simple as moving a record back and forth that it’s finally being recognized as a musical instrument among the naysayers and predecessors.

Q bert 3

Q bert 1

It has been a long 13 years since the release of his last album Wave Twister (the first turntablism based musical) and through the powers of Kickstarter, Q was able to reach his goal in helping create his newest album Extraterrestria/Galaxxxian featuring the likes of Kool Keith, Del The Funkyhomosapien, El-P and Bambu just to name a few.

Shorkut 1

Fellow ISP (Invisibl Skratch Piklz) and Beat Junkie crew member DJ Shortkut prepping the crowd in celebration Q-Bert’s new record.

Peace 2

Peace 1

A name I haven’t heard in quite some time since the Wake Up Show era. P.E.A.C.E. from the left coast great Freestyle Fellowship.

A Plus 1

A-Plus of the Hieroglyphics Crew was in the house again. When in doubt if Del doesn’t show up for a show, this man will fill in the card.

Bambu 4

Bambu 2

I prided myself at one point in knowing hip-hop music but there is always that growth period where music stays at steady age and rustic minds get stubborn in not recognizing that cool sound. But sometimes good music is just too good to ignore and regardless of the age brackets, you can’t help but bounce to that beat of everlasting bass and good lyrics. After a 20 minute set with mellow chants of “I ain’t got no money. Say it”, I insistently became a fan of Bambu which was undoubtedly the highlight of my night.

Bambu 5b

Bambu 3

Bambu 1

There is a part where Bambu had that Twista moment. That “diggita-diggita-diggita-diggita-diggita-diggita” rapid word flow just blasting people in the face with lyrical content. It’s a healthy reminder that the soul of hip-hop still lives strong and there are people that still choose to fight that good fight in keeping the culture intact. Remember, hip-hop is four elements…and two of them were beautifully showcased that night.