Folsom Street Festival 2014

September 21, 2014

They say when in Rome but I doubt Romans whipped their slaves to heighten their sensual pleasures. Plus I am sure the last thing you’d want to see after beating your laborers is them crumbling to the floor from an orgasmic coma. It’d be pretty counterproductive and smoke breaks would occur every 10 to 15 minutes.

Folsom 1

In my 7 years living in San Francisco, I have never attended the Folsom Street Fair and mostly cause I just never had to. It’s a day that proves as an excuse to let all your inner sexual ambitions out for the public to see. I’ve always heard of the urban myths that proceed it whether it be the public blow jobs, cane-like whipping seminars and the countless of nude bear-like men, but I just had to go to say I went before I inevitably move out of this city for good. Plus figuratively speaking, this is top notch street porn for any photographer enthusiast. I only wish I had taken more photos.

Folsom 6b

Folsom 3

Folsom 4

I stayed near the main stage area where mostly women were on display. I was even asked by the MC hosting the BDM talent show if I was a “religious fuck that got my jollies off of taking pictures of fags hags and dike queens!“. I shook my head in puzzlement and just told him that “I just like taking pictures bro” and then he told me to “fuck off and masturbate to President Bush portrait“. I am lover not a fighter, so I shielded the rest of his sounds with my sunglasses and quietly told him to eat a dick while chewing my gum.

Folsom 8

Folsom 5

Folsom 10

Folsom 9

In a way I get where that guy was coming from. Folsom Fair has fallen victim to the same issues as Gay Pride. Rather than promoting general awareness of the lifestyle, the day has become more of a spectacle for culture vultures to partake in. Though the intent is harmless, true followers would rather keep it core to the people would represent it properly.

Folsom 7

So remember that next time when sticking rubber ball in your partner’s mouth. When you whip them, do it with some sort of conviction! You’d make your leather clad masses very proud.

Bird Island

September 16, 2014

Bird Island 1

Bird Island 2

Diamond Mine SF

September 16, 2014

I honestly have never done this prior to the release of this shoe (the low top version). Many have done it even though I’ve despised the approach. Camping out for any shoe just seemed insane at the time, but the Diamond Dunk SB just had everyone in a frenzy. With the rumors of it only having 4,000 in existence, it gave most people a sense of urgency to try and lock a pair up. I called my boy Robby and we both drove out to HUF SF to join rank with about 15 people already in line at about 9pm. I had a hoody, my boy had his skateboard and the rest just all sat there entertaining themselves on the sidewalk waiting for the shop to open at 11am the next day. This is how I learned to know of Nick Tershay and his company Diamond Supply Co, and this is how many passersby learned that Asian American Idol auditions were being hosted in a small shop above the Tenderloin. And I thought we were the dumbasses.

Diamond Supply SF 6

It’s been about 10 years since that day and believe it or not, I still have that lone pair in my closet which is now posing as a relic of my immaturity in my 20s. Nike SB still continues their onslaught in the skateboard industry and Diamond, once only being a skateboard bolt company, is now one of the leading streetwear giants of today. The recently opened up their new flagship store in San Francisco and The Hundreds sent me there to go check out what’s good.

Diamond Supply SF 10

Meet the staff. All hand picked by Nick Diamond himself and some even with their own streetwear history, working in neighboring SF stores like TRUE and even the same HUF store that I camped out at.

Diamond Supply SF 3

From first impressions, this place is fucking nice. You can easily forget you are in an independent store as things are very reminiscent of any high end shop in downtown SF. Amber wood paneled floors, glass casings, lighting in each and every direction and all showcasing Diamond’s latest garments and accessories for the season.

Diamond Supply SF 5b

Diamond Supply SF 9

Diamond Supply SF 12

Diamond Supply SF 4

Speaking of relics, this is a little piece of San Francisco history. This is an actual EMB block which is from a skate spot in SF that spawned the careers of legends Mike Carroll, Jovontae Turner, Henry Sanchez and James Kelch to name a few.

Diamond Supply SF 8

Diamond Supply SF 11

Diamond Supply SF 1

Diamond Supply SF 2

Diamond Supply SF 7

There’s a little resurgence back in the Haight St. area which used to be the sole area to get anything streetwear back in my days (think Fairfax for Nor Cal). The Diamond store is definitely a mandatory stop when you’re in my city.

Diamond Supply Co.
1560 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

Cali Dunk High SB

September 6, 2014

Cali Hi 1

The End Of The Road

September 6, 2014

Muir Beach 1a

Muir Beach 2

Hill Street Blues

August 21, 2014

Hill Street Blues 1


August 19, 2014

Jermey Fish 1

This is the story of the Silly Pink Bunny. Before this drawing, the bunny was actually a huge sculpture made by local artisan Jeremy Fish which rested on the corner of Haight & Laguna.

Jermey Fish 2

As change has been the reoccurring theme here in San Francisco, developers had plans on bulldozing the lot to make way for future rental units. Word spread throughout the city and a local resident took it upon himself to rescue the bunny from its demise even though Jeremy Fish had already convinced the contractors in not destroying it.

Jermey Fish 3

After a little recovery mission with the help of the neighborhood and social media, the bunny was later returned to its home where it sported a new eye patch and gold front tooth.

The lot has since been torn down along with the original bunny but a bronzed replica will be made and placed back in the same location once construction is complete. It will act as the gateway to the Lower Haight District and hopefully become a relic for the new generation of residences in San Francisco.

Jermey Fish 15

This is just one of the many stories that lie within Jeremy Fish’s artwork. This past Friday, he displayed over a 100 pieces of black and white drawings at his new solo show Yesterdays and Tomorrows that span back 10 years that all hold their own personal message and adventure.

Jermey Fish 12

Jermey Fish 12a

Jermey Fish 13

Jermey Fish 9b

Jermey Fish 8

Jermey Fish 10

Jermey Fish 4

FTC x Fish 1

And a gem of my own as a moderate collector of Mr. Fish’s more affordable work. This is the super limited FTC X Jeremy Fish laser etched skateboard deck that was released a couple of weeks back and sold out in minutes. Be sure to check out his show running till September 13th at FFDG.