D-Block: The Lox

Not much has changed with The Lox since their inception. Styles-P is still his hood-boo self, Jada stays squawking near his pigeon feed and Sheeks maintains his lane as the unannounced third wheel of the trio. But much of D-Block’s resilience lies within their abilities to stay stagnant among the dynamic changes of the rap game. Instead of diversifying their styles, fans alike find that their sound still resonates well to the contemporary beats of today. This is where other fellow golden era rappers fail. Their aged boom-bap sounds boxes them into their niche market where their once devoted fans are now upholding a household of 3 kids and are satisfied listening to their older catalog. Loyalty is literally trumped by modern day responsibilities and the youth are having hard time why they were even popular in the first place. It’s a sad case and it’s only a matter of time till the vets ultimately fade into oblivion.

Lox 1

These are the reasons why you have to take advantage rare occurrence. The Lox came stomping onto West Coast soil a couple of weeks back performing at 1015 Folsom. In celebration of their Beyonce like drop with their unannounced EP Trinity, the Yonker’s natives went on the road to show that is still a grown man’s sport.

Lox 5

Lox 9

Lox 12

Lox 2

Lox 13

Lox 10

Lox 7

Lox 8

Lox 15

Lox 11

Lox 14

Lox 3

Lox 4

Lox 6

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