Breaking My Code Of Silence

I sort of duct taped my mouth for reasons unknown for the year 2013. Part of it was just letting my photos do the business and the other part was this unknown growth in the lower part of my brain that blocked the surge of creative juices from flowing to the rest my big ass head. I think the doctor (let’s call her mother) called it “you lazy fuck” syndrome when I was a kid. Sadly my lack of writing did not work to my advantage. If we’re talking sheer numbers, this site lost over 80% of its viewers. Blame it on the juice, blame it on the Henny…but I blame it on social media. Those quick fix assholes are killing the blog game, while we still have those pen and ink hippies that are still flipping the bird to us computer campers for selling out to the masses. Got to love that battle of who’s keeping it real and who is keeping it even more real than the really real folks. I don’t think I even keep it wun-hunned.

So why the revival? Let’s just say I have to get my skills right for blogging to a bigger crowd now. Time to put my game face back on and start talking about my constant struggle of me getting hemorrhoids on the toilet. This should be fun!

The Hundreds

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