Niner Gang

I love finding new things that are simple but make the biggest impact when done correctly ie: Jerk + Penis = Loads of fun! Unknown to me, there is a terminology in landscape photography called “taking photos at twilight”. It’s a certain time in the day when the sun either rises or sets and creates an array of colors in the sky. Call it Mother Nature’s acid trip. If you can’t tell, I’ve been chasing the sun for the past couple of weeks in areas like Sutro Bath, Pier 7 and off the edges of the Embarcadero. These Civic Center shots are probaby the first successful images of capturing that moment. Just a nice blue hue that was not embellished in post production. As you can tell, I had to fight my way towards the middle.

We’re kind of entering in some sort of sports euphoria here in the greater Bay Area. First World Series champs, a thriving NBA team and a possible Super Bowl contender after this weekend. I honestly hardly care about most of it and am just happy the Lakers are having the time of their lives right now. My distaste for So Cal teams is strong…no offense.

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