A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That

I was jokingly told by a security guard how Asians always look like they’re going to a football game as if they’re going to bootleg it for the black market. There are some truths to her statement that made me think I should leave the camera at home next time around. Either that or she was being an enormous cunt.

Time seems to never want to stay still as my once fetus of a niece has now turned three this past weekend. Next up for presents will be make up and boys.

Apex One mural on the new Black Scale wall on Haight St.

The Don’s (Mark Arcenal) cars aka Rocket Bunny & Bensopra at the annual SF Auto Show.

I waited almost 3 hours to see the Pretty Sweet premiere at the Rockie Theater this past Sunday. I always question the amount of dedication I put into skateboarding but then after watching the video, I remembered why this “activity” still gives me that euphoria even at the age I am in.

This is my small review that I posted on the Slap Forums:

“Visually I thought the video looked great. The argument between SD to HD will always remains but this was a pretty convincing push for the high def side. I really liked the long lens that gave it that Gears Of War sprint look and regardless of how much slow mo there was, sometimes it made sense to have it and sometimes it didn’t. This is definitely different from Fully Flared and even Yeah Right. I think what is odd is it doesn’t have a distinguished identity. Like Yeah Right seemed really fun and Fully Flared seemed next level. This video just seemed like a video with parts, skits and what not. It’s like they took the Yeah Right formula and didn’t make it better nor different.

Best part to me was Vincent Alvarez. Dude doesn’t have the best style but it’s such a distinguishable one that it makes his part stick out more then others. He has a nice blend of lines and his NBDs are sick as hell. I think I expected more from the Trunk Boys (Raven, Berle, and Perez). There shit was good but nothing revolutionary like when Mo had his part in Fully Flared. And when it came to the heavy hitters like Marc and Guy, I almost was so jaded from the beginning that I couldn’t get that hyped for their parts. It was awesome nonetheless but there are so many flip in flip out shit that you kind of just don’t appreciate it all.

Overall though and if you look at this video without having such a critical mind, it really is a great fucking video that will have tons of replay value. Sucks how youtube and internet parts kind of makes Pretty Sweet not as appreciated as it should. Worth every penny though.”

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