War Games

Been hearing a lot of barking in the news about the Mountain Dew Tour being sponsored by…well Mountain Dew. I propose a new sponsor for next years games. How about broccoli. Yes, the mother fucking vegetable. If we are so concerned about what is being projected to our kids, then let them get the message of broccoli. A mini green tree looking produce that is guaranteed to go great with beef, rice and an eggroll. If subliminal advertisements were as efficient as they are portrayed, then I’d be getting my dick sucked every time I’d put on Axe Spray.

Yes, even your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper was there. Not only does Mountain Dew promote obesity, it also promotes thug music and bad clothing lines.

Even with the big tits, the nice juicy ass, and beautiful face, I couldn’t look pass the fact that she had a truck for a logo on her hat and shirt. Easy pass. Easy.

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