Like A Tattoo Part 8

During these long stretched weekends, San Francisco almost turns into a ghost town seeing how everyone is in a rush to search for better weather. It’s these times where you can just walk around with nothing but you and homeless people that give this city the most character. What compelled me to go towards 6th Street just to see graffiti is totally beyond me. Luckily it was not all for nothing.

Lango from Skull & Sword with some crazy piece on 6th Street.

Literally aimlessly walking around this piss infested area, I ran into a unexpected exhibit at 1:AM SF feating Mark Bodé, son of late great cartoonist Vaughn Bodé.

You wouldn’t believe how many times I have drawn my own characters similar to these ones on this wall. They are almost relics from graffiti’s past from the golden ages of subway art. The big hats, the large hands with the spray paint in hand, the elf like ears and the skin tight pants with the loose sock shoes.

A little bit of charity work was thrown my way last week as I humbly helped my cousin shoot some photos with his pregnant wife and kid. Obviously not a total strong point in my photography skills but it help me learn a lot as far as knowing how to accommodate natural light and other unforeseen complications.

And speaking of Lango, another pain filled 3 hours as I went in for my 2nd session on Friday just adding more color to the belly, hands and flame. Still tons of work to go but things are starting to look a lot more solid then last time.

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