Otha Fish

Check this shit out. Do yourself a favor and attend art shows the day after it’s opening. It’s like scoring a pound of meth without even trying. You see any lines? Drunken skaters sipping their PBRs in your face? Fuck no! Just me, my dick, my camera and the nice curator already waiting inside.

Now when I say this wasn’t as epic as his last show in SF, I am not entirely insulting Jeremy fish‘s new set of work. He did put on one hell of a pony show that year. Caramelized wooden panels, massive caricatured animal busts, a translucent window to a bar of the 60’s and to top it all off, a big fat cutout of a bear sipping on some home brew. It stretched lengths I have never seen in a show before and remains to be my favorite to this very day.

This year was more of a culmination of works that we’ve seen in past prints for rock posters to the very hand drawn designs for his clothing line “SuperFishal“. Disappointed wouldn’t be the word I would use but I just wasn’t as mesmerized as the time before. Still, I have to point out that Mr. Fish is technical as ever and his mastery in his penmanship can only be mimicked from that of a copy machine or fellow SF artists Mike Giant. It’s seriously top notch perfection.

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