Like A Tattoo Part 7

Huge thanks to Rob Brink and Sole Tech for the Emerica Westgate’s.

Back here again after a 3 month wait. Been kind of a total mystery up until this point. You see, I kind of took the unconventional route with this one. The first tattoos I got were more thought out with some sort of logic to it all. Now it’s time to just jump into the water and see what comes out.

Don’t get it twisted though. I didn’t just come back without a sense of direction. I wanted a Japanese half sleeve that my artist (Lango Oliveira) would have a enthusiastic time doing. Oddly his idea came in the form of a dragon and if anyone knows me, they’d laugh at just knowing how much that wasn’t me at all.

Still, I wasn’t one to shut down my own request given my parameters. I obliged by the idea and sat down for one of the worst pain sessions that I have ever had.

Five hours later and a $1000 gone from my pocket, this is what I am left with. A green, ping pong eyed, big as fuck…dragon! Part of me feels like a douche but the other logical side remembers that this is far from what it’s supposed to look like. If I can paint that whimsical picture, there will be more reds, oranges and even a hint of blues all within the dragon and to top it all off, my arm will be surrounded by clouds and wind bars to boot. This is no surprise though. I always tend to do something crazy when it comes close to my birthday, but it looks this one is going to trail off clear till the end of the year to finish and complete.

More to come in August and then…I am done forever. For real (for real!).

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