Westside Story

Michael Miller‘s West Coast Hip-Hop photo show debuted in the northern coast this past Friday at the Fifty 24SF gallery. This is actually a self reflection of my own music history back when I was in middle school with the likes of Pac, Easy, Warren G and Snoop Dogg. It was gangster music at it’s prime.

I’ve always kind of wondered what other Howard Stern fans looked like. Listening to him for ten plus years, you wonder if there is a common bond between the millions of fans out there. This is me standing in line on Saturday at the Great America Music Hall to see Ronnie Mund (Howard’s limo driver) block party. Let’s just say I was probably one of two yellow bastards that strolled in the joint. I guess Asians aren’t too particular to this type of piss dunk humor but I love it.

Yucko The Clown doing his dirty work on stage. Notice the big black dildo in the suitcase.

Eric The Midget and Ronnie The Limo Driver telling everyone to fuck some whores.

And this was Sunday. Finally San Francisco is getting that sun we didn’t get at all last year and it’s only the beginning of May. I love this time of the year.

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