Get At Me Dog

I am no Yelper. Actually I despise most of them and would love to be the bounty hunter to hunt these elitist assholes down that actually think their short lived life of an opinion on earth really matters. I’ve read them all. “Service was great, food was exquisite BUT the walls were yellow and it totally throws off their feng shui. One star!” They never make sense nor do they pass any kind of logical judgement that gives any insight to others that may want to come. Do you want my one time professional advice on a new joint on the block? Listen close then.

This is Holy Dog. First time visit to this fairly cheap wiener spot and lord only knows how I love to stick these inanimate objects in my mouth. Entering the complex, people would notice the lack of chairs which presumes this is some sort of take out spot. Not the case.

Above the raptures, where the cold air can’t seep in, are an abundant amount of chairs for anyone. Plus the employers were able to deliver our food to us.

My first meal ever here and I went for the tasty Katsu Dog. Exactly what it sounds. Light batter dog with melted cheese, banana peppers and topped with spicy ketchup with a chase of ice cold Sapporo on tap. The key word here as to be texture. At times you forget hot dogs aren’t supposed to be crunchy and then you realize that is the reason why this tastes so awesome. Add that all up, and you have a meal worth less then $8 (the beer was a $1.50!)

Take it from me. I am a cheap, less unfortunate soul that loves to spend money on nothing given the chance. That is how this place should be looked at. Don’t chalk this up as your next family adventure nor should you take some sort of pride in paying the tab here on date night. If you get some sort of urge to get drunk and stuffed on a dollars budget, come to Holy Dog. What they lack in flare ultimately benefits you in your wallet, and that is something we can all be happy about.

Missed the “Like A Tattoo” blog series I had with the tattoos on my arm? I think the season finale should be coming to an end soon in the next couple of months.

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