Chicken Fly Rice

Just a day after Jeremy Lin decided to flex his two-inch cock to the Lakers and all of the National Basketball Association, San Francisco held it’s own asian butt raping experience as it decided to host it’s annual Chinese New Year Parade on the coldest day of the year. Nipples were perched and dicks were limp and all I got were these lousy shots and one deaf left ear. When it comes time to bring in the New Year, Chinese people sure like to blow shit up.

Back to this Lin character. Yeah, dude is Chinese-American…which I could give two pig knuckle shits to that statistic. It’s the fact that he was an ex-Warrior and his whole rise to fame is now coming through as a god damn Knickerbocker! I don’t doubt that the Knicks has had their trials and tribulations but us Warriors have been bottom feeders for last 5 years since our miraculous run in 2007. Plus New York already has Jay-Z for Christ sake.

This seriously could have been him. A king on his float with five miss Chinatowns all waiting to sit on his face like a thrown to his castle. Hopefully he’ll at least get some New York sloppy vaginas in return. That’s if he keeps it up (pun intended). Here’s hoping.

In the spirit of all things Chinese and in the midst of the death of Miss Whitney, I bring you this bowl cut fat kid singing a classic (Oh fuck…he’s Taiwanese).

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