Criminal Minded

This was on Friday. The sun is out, the Bay is beautiful and it’s only the afternoon before things really get out of hand later in the evening. This should have been my red flag. You can undoubtedly know that things will never turn out perfect from here on then and if I would have known, I would have just gone home.

I can’t merit this day in ruining my whole weekend. After all, Super Bowl Sunday was as good as it can gets and hey, I had sex with my girlfriend Saturday. I guess if there is one word I wanted to use, it’s just disappointed. The whole point in seeing a free KRS-ONE concert on Friday is…to see KRS-ONE!

I have no idea why I would assume this mother fucker would start performing on time. Cardinal rule at rap concerts, MCs love to come fashionably late. Not like he should give any disregard to the public transporters (yeah, so what…I don’t have a car), but my ass had to get on the last train home at midnight.

I probably missed a good one. It had all the ingredients of a good show. The bar was accessable, the DJ was solid, no one was hardly there and they didn’t even care about my camera with my pocketed lens. Eh…what are you going to do. I am batting zero in concerts for the year, but hopefully I can get back in the game.

The guys’s at Clinkroom are destroying my brain and injecting wonderful illustrative ideas in my head. Forgery is flattering but I literally have cheat when I can.

Unfortunately not all of it is translating on paper…but this is step one out of a fifty. Just crazy how I am not even trying and yet, this supposedly goat is turning into a tiger, dog and a deer right before my eyes. It need about seven different renditions total and I haven’t even touched the type treatment. I hate my snails pace work progression but hopefully we can make this project happen.

Want more motivation? I am sure most of you have heard the news with David Choe. I want to say this is a prime example of a man at the right place at the right time but David Choe deserves everything he gets. Further proves that doing what you love to do can seek riches when you least expect it (and I am not even talking about money). Choe’s art has brought him to all places of the earth and this Facebook IPO cashout is just a small piece to his success. I am flabbergasted. I literally almost hate the guy and to matters worse, he was on Howard Stern today. Argh!

2 Responses to “Criminal Minded”

  1. ed Says:

    yo fong – another reason for you to hate dave choe – he is good friends (and prob sleeps) with asa akira – he was her date at AVN

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