New Amerykah

You know what I don’t get? Gaping buttonholes. Like the epic ones where you can stick a whole beer can in it. Every time I see one, it reminds me of a urinal at a bar. Like you see that 3 inch hole and all you want to do is get all your piss in it as if you’re playing a carnival game to get that $2 plush doll. What’s the fascination with those? Like people want to see if China is on the other side? I just don’t get it.

I think I might have sold myself on something that wasn’t real. I mean honestly, was Val Kilmer really going to be at Upper Playground SF at the Twixt exhibit?

I think I am more starved for celeb cock then I thought but alas, I was wrong and I was left with a crazy concoction of blood stains, behind the scene movie photos and one big ass fucking clock. Great Halloween type of a gag but I expected a little bit more professionalism from Francis Ford Coppola set team.

Stopped by super designer extraordinaire Benny Gold’s Beer & Bolt’s Friday to get some suds before supper time. Benny is truly an imagineer, not only thinking of ideas but actually making them into real life. And still, he find ways to give back to the public with free PBRs to anyone who asks. What a quality fellow.

The absolute best deep dish pizza in all of San Francisco. Little Star kicked my insides and left me with bowel movements that anyone would be proud of.

Finally saw the infamous Banksy stencil on Commercial and Grant St. in Chinatown. Really cool to see people trying to preserve street art in the…”streets”.

One stop shop for all your hipster camera needs. Lomo‘s has officially landed in the streets of SF a month ago with their full catalog hands on in store.

And quadrupled on some Haroshi X HUF X DLX skate decks for the collection. It’s the closest thing I can get to an actual art piece without spending $30,000.

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