Yoga Flame

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen this sketch posted up. I am actually doing an old design exercise. It’s when you do a bunch of quick sketches and throw it away likes it’s nobodies business. It’s to keep the brain flowing but to not stay stagnant on a single idea. I guess this one stayed close to my heart, so I decided to make an honest woman out of it.

If there is one gratifying thing about Adobe Illustrator, it’s seeing the amount of progress that one puts in from start…

…to finish. Personally, I don’t even think this is a great graphic and I don’t even think it looks like match with fire but shit, I actually like this damn thing.

To celebrate looking at computer screen for 8 hours, pushing little vector points from here to here, and getting inspired by 123 Klan, Mel Marcelo, Hydro 74, Studio On Fire and I Love Dust, I decided to pick up some limited edition Kaws X Hennesy bottles. I am actually on that design hype and it feels good for once.

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