Midnight Swim

We’re on a rooftop in the Mission this year for Halloween 2011. This is one of those parties where you go with someone that knows someone else that wants to bang some guy that she met at another party before this one. Girls will go where the penis goes and I will go where the alcohol goes.

Stop number two. White people just know how to do it right. Why pay to go into an expensive club when you can just bring the club to your own backyard.

Stopped by Mezzanine Sunday for the Walker Ryan pro party with performances by J-Billion, Rob Young, Pep-Love from the Hieroglyphics, and The Jacka.

J-Billion with a swagger over a hundred gah-shmillion.

I never was and still am not a fan of the Hieroglyphics Crew (Wu-Tang stole my heart first) but Pep-Love can still rock with the best of them.

Karl Watson introduces Walker Ryan to his well deserved pro ranks. After his speech, they showed Walker Ryan’s pro video part. I actually first heard of him from the 510 Skate shop video but didn’t really think much of him at the time. This dude has progressed like no other and has been killing it ever since. His Concrete Jungle part remains to be one of my favorites today. Make sure to get his board when it comes out and support a local Bay Area pro.

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