Yellow Blaze

I am a hermit. As my age progresses, I find my self jumping from one interest to the next. Tattoo culture is what skateboard culture was to me back in 2002. I’ve become super enthusiastic about it and I have no fucking clue what’s it about but all I want to do is learn more. This weekend was the Bay Area Tattoo Convention at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Burlingame. The best of the best from all over came out here but there was only one person I really came to see.

And this all started from a book. Superfan over night, Shige has become my favorite tattoo artists to date. This dude is a fucking rock star. Cocaine flaring in his nose, porn stars sucking his balls and all while his audience eagerly awaits his very next move with his tattoo gun. It’s art in motion and a thing of beauty.

Henry Lewis from San Francisco’s own Skull and Swords. I saw the Grime monster there too but you almost don’t want to bother him when he’s in his sleep.

I took a different route home and stumbled across my old stomping grounds when I used to live in Twin Peaks. I always order the same thing at El Castillito. There spicy pork burrito is literally the only thing worth eating, but it always keeps me coming back for more.

A little something for myself. A Mike Rubendall flash print. If you don’t know who he is, check out the incredible documentry below on Vice’s show Tattoo Age.

So you saw it? That big double letter thingy in the corner? I was getting a little sick of the little tag that I created a while back. Once every blue moon, I always try and flex my graphic design muscles. Decided to go big with one of the worst acronyms out there. I mean how many times have we seen a “S” & “F” combo?

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