So Pardon Me While I Burst Into Flames

Good ol’ San Francisco. I am actually glad to be home from Hawaii. I don’t hate island living but SF is what I have come to love and appreciate for my own life.

So you think you have balls. My friend Amber decided to test her stones on her 30th birthday by shaving off all of her hair. Welcome to the gOLD club my dear.

You tell me what’s wrong. I decided to go check out the Blue Angles at Twin Peaks Sunday only to find out that it got cancelled due to weather conditions. For real? Too much blue for the Blue Angles to cut through? I stood up on the mountain and seriously didn’t get what the hell was wrong.

This is number five. Count it…1,2,3,4,five! If you can believe it, this will be my fifth concert seeing my favorite band ever, Incubus. The first time I saw them was back 2002 in SF at the Civic Center Auditorium, second time was in LA the following year during Halloween, the third time was at the Greek Theater in Berkeley in 2005 and then again in SF at the Warfield in 2007 and now in 2011, I am seeing them at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View.

I have no idea why I like these guys nor do I try to understand it. I was first introduced to them from MTV and the rest was just full commitment on my part to want to follow their illustrious career. I mean their new album sucks and I know it sucks and yet, I don’t think it sucks. Now that is dedication.

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