Soldier Of Love

Concert season is still in effect and my bucket list continues to get crossed off. I finally hit one on the top of my list right next to walking The Great Wall Of China and fucking a fat chick for sport. Let’s be real, some of these things are just never going to happen. I really don’t even want to go to China.

Sade has to be somewhat happy that she has created thousands of unnecessary births in this world. Her music just makes people flat out want to fuck the shit out of each other with no contraception in mind. Hell, I’d fuck a doughnut just cause it has a nice chocolate hole in the middle if Like A Tattoo played in a coffee shop. I have no shame in my game. I just love Sade’s music that much.

Up to bat first…John Legend. Dude is the modern day Stevie Wonder of our time.

I have been waiting twenty plus years to see this woman sing and finally…

…Sade Adu has arrived! She did everything that I wanted to hear and some. And talk a about bang for your buck. She came and performed for almost an hour and a half, taking you back to the classic songs that I have been hearing when getting my teeth drilled at the dentist to the new stuff that hasn’t really settled into my heart as of yet. And most importantly to all men out there, this chick still looks good for her age!

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