This Is Dedicated To Fillmore Slim

To think Fillmore Slim pimped these very streets. He’s a house hold name out here. Dude busted his stable of bitches hard, feeding his junkie lifestyle which supplemented one of two things…money and more money. I’ve learned to love this block though. I really don’t think I can live anywhere else.

Sadly I found my cigar mildly homo erotic last night. It’s an oral fixation that I haven’t grown accustomed to. Sticking a black needle dick device in my mouth where I proceeded to suck, suck and suck till it turned to the size of an eight year old boy. The mucus in my mouth just didn’t sit right. This is not my shit.

Fourth of July BBQ sessions at my boy Jose’s spot. Grillin’ seven inch dinosaur mushrooms doused in Teriyaki sauce with sesame seed oil. Just wow.

I owe this fat boy a beating. One of his boys stuck a firecracker in my ear as I took this photo and my shit has been flatlining ever since. I can’t turn off the noise but I should have known not to fuck with the Fillmore boys. Touche mother fuckers. Touche.

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