Black & Orange

The first Giants game of the year and it was a wet one. My pride is left in the East Bay with the Oakland A’s but those fuckers are getting butt reamed more then a donkey and his Columbian owner. You’re probably thinking that was oddly fucked up but the harsh realities of breaking a burro in isn’t far from the truth. Brace yourself if you haven’t seen it already but this flick (Asses Of The Caribbean) is far more intriguing then the photos you are about to see.

My sister and her boyfriend with the most unisex name of them all, Pat. He interned at a talent agency a month ago which in turn, landed him this gig…

Scan over to about the 0.35 mark. Subtract the three from the right and you’re left with a Filipino guy who looks like he’s reading Hamlet or a digi-Playgirl.

Went and saw my niece Chloe. She’s getting bigger by the minute, which is a sad thing really. Seems like yesterday when she was born.

And it rained cats and dogs. It was that kind of a weekend.

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