Bay 2 Breakers 2011

One of my friends is a homophobe. Not like a Jesus freak fag killer but more of a subtle rainbow hating type dude that has a hard time being politically correct…and being logical in general. Bay 2 Breakers, a pastime more associated with modern day Halloween except there is no candy and everything happens in the daytime as apposed to the night (who races this damn thing anyways). My friend demonizes this as another thing gay people can expose themselves to. He usually asks me how these things turn out and I tell him it was nothing but guys sucking each others cocks and straight men were jail raped for liking the lust of a woman…jokingly of course. I mean I did see an occasional penis here and there but most were the dirty pedophile junkies that come out of hiding. Crazy enough, those skin costumes always had people wanting to take pictures with them. SF is weird man.

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