What’s Golden

Chalk this up as one of the many things that I love to hate. Benny Gold is a designer, store owner, entrepreneur and one hell of a nice guy. He embodies everything that I once aspired to be and is an example of what hard work can lead to in achieving success within one’s self. His new store front had opened up on Saturday and I for one am all about support with local shops that represent the very things I enjoy.

The man BGeezy himself. I actually think he was more hyped on me buying the skateboard to get it signed by the pros but I had to have him lace his Johnny Hancock on my wood for sure. (Sorry with the double entendres. I ‘ve come to realize my writing skills are pretty much gone).

The man I wanted to see. I have my top 5 skaters of all time and Dennis Busenitz ranks at a solid number two or three next to Daewon Song.

CEO of DLXSF…Jim Thiebaud.

REAL skateboard pro…Peter Romondetta.

Went downtown and had no idea what the hell was going on.

Even ran into the Hulkster. Well at least people really thought it was him.

3 thoughts on “What’s Golden

  1. I came back to SF for a few days and I asked my g/f, is that the guy who writes on fongstarr.com? I knew it was really mrfongstarr himself at niketown shopping, but i didn’t wanna look or sound like a creeper and say: “hey you’re the guy who writes on fongstarr.com!” Anyways just wanted to say that your pictures rock and your blog is great and interesting for a SF guy who is away for school and hasn’t been to many places where you take pictures of.

    1. I am sure you were telling your girl “that’s that big headed dude that talks all mad reckless on some site!”. Haha. Truth be told is my life looks way more interesting on paper then it does in person. But I am like any other dude just buying a mother’s day gift at Niketown. Appreciate the props though and next time say what’s up.

      1. Haha, my g/f told me she recognize the girl that was with you at Niketown because you always take pictures of her with food haha, and that’s when I knew it was you. I was looking at your arm just to see if i could see the tattoo in person, but you wore a jacket. I actually like it a lot! But I have no idea when I will ever get one. Anyways take care and lock that bianchi up good if u bring it out! cuz i have a kilo tt mercier and i got my front wheel stolen from some jackass cuz i forgot my wire lock in the front. my own fault tho..

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