Real Locc’d Out Gz

You’d be surprised the power of self loathing on the internet. I blanked out last weekend for a split second and next thing you know, all tickets were sold out for the Real premiere at the Victorian Theater. I carefully stated my opinions on the Slap Forum when I get a pm message that stated “I got you” from the co-owner of Real Skateboard. Thanks Jim…that was pretty fucking awesome of you!

Met up with Phunky Phil and sat in the balcony section of the theater. If you look at the bottom right hand corner, that’s Julien Stranger.

Another group for the ages. Ray Barbee, Matt Rodriguez and Tommy Guerrero all jamming it up like it was prom night in the 50’s.

It’s hard to be Warriors fan. Every year, just battling the curses of fucked up management, ridiculous trade offers, and just the inconsistencies of playing a good game off and on the road. This is my fourth and last game of the season.

Thanks to my man Hobby Wonders for the free lower level tickets. Life must be treating you good when you’re cutting it up on the big screen in front of thousands of people at the Oracle Arena.

And what do you know, these bitches actually won that night thanks to Monta with his 32 point game.

Summer is coming!

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