The Process Of The Reprocess

Back a couple of weeks before my epiphany with this bike shit, I went to chat with Ube Urban down at his operations in the Richmond District.

Ube is many things but overall, I would classify him as a professional. As I would learn, there is a whole method to his madness in creating these stellar customs which is partially credited to his design background. It all starts with a drawing and a vision. One thing that was enforced onto me is that literally any idea can become a reality. A battle of words ensues between customer and creator and when everything is said and done, a blueprint is carefully mapped out for the painting process to begin.

The final product is nothing short of amazing. You would never know that this Peugeot frame went through the mill to become where it is. Not only does it achieve that classic bike look but when the light hits the paint just at that right angle, you get a glance of that candy painted sparkle that Ube dubs as the ice cream treatment. It’s a custom 1 of 1 that no one will ever have but the owner of this bike.

Which then leaves me to this picture. With only 2 rides on my Pista Chrome, I realized that “my vision” wouldn’t get to where it would be unless I start from the ground up. Instead of doing a rebuild on a used bike, I sold her back into the Craigslist market and purchased this monster. I would like to send my dearest apologies to Ube for pretty much wasting your time. Maybe later down the road, we’ll do a project together.

Till then…here’s to the start of my motherfucking ending. Man…what did I get myself into.

One Response to “The Process Of The Reprocess”

  1. sarapbuhay Says:

    yo! making the switch was hard because of me being comfortable in the nikon realm. i was oroginally going for the d7000 but canon technology changed my views. cant wait till you join the darkside… lol

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