Fongstarr For Hobbs One

For those of you who even remember, I got a chance to shoot some photos for DJ Hobbs One at a Golden State Warriors game about two years back. Hobbs touched based with me in doing a logo for him, so I stretched my design muscles to see what I can do.

Part of the only reason why I took this project is the conceptual ideas that Hobbs originally gave me seemed feasible for me to create. As you can see, my sketches were never to boast over, but I know my strengths most time would be spent in front of the computer instead.

Nothing you haven’t seen before. I actually haven’t worked with proper colors in a while as I am sure all these color treatments will print out different then it appears on screen. I am sure I will have to tweak that a bit. Overall, it came out as expected and that is something I can be content about.

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