A Couple Of Things

Deda Pista Stem (new: $150-180/my price:$80). I’ve actually bought a bunch of things for my bike but I am having a epiphany about my ride. It’s a long story but let’s just say a lot of things are going back on Craigslist.

HUF Hupper (new: $80.00/my price: $42). HUF from the ground up. It’s evident that this shoe is something of a start up project. It almost feels K-Martish in a way. Just a lot of things seem generic to the touch, but I am sure that is something they will tighten up as their seasons progress.

FTC X Alex Trochut (new: $60.00/my price: Free). Another outstanding graphic for the SF skateshop kings. If you look closely at the gibberish, you can actually see FTC spelled in it.

Did you see it? Look harder.

One Response to “A Couple Of Things”

  1. Nasty Nate Says:

    Did I read that right for the FTC board? Free? Sign me up!

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