The Year End Review: 2010 Edition

I am writing this whole excerpt in the luxury of my cubical at work. Seems as though everyone has a yearly review of some sorts so if you are reading this, you yourself must either be bored like me with literally nothing else to do. Let me indulge you on some bullshit for a few minutes and I will let you be on your merry way.

****Disclaimer: These will be random cluster fucks of things that I thought were impactual to my own life. A lot of you will read the following and not agree with anything I have to say. If by topic 2 you believe that my own insights are ludicrous, then I suggest you click on that “x” in the top right (PC) or left (Mac) corner.

Album Of The Year: Waka Flaka Flame – Flockaveli

No album got so much play this year on my iPhone then Brick Squad’s own Waka Flocka Flame. Waka is the DMX of my generation. There’s some barking, a lot of aggression, head nod bouncy bouncy jingles and that charisma that makes you want to jack some Koreans for their loot at a liquor store. “I feel sorry for your mama!” Knee-grow please! Even a frail guy like me, I would proceed to pop off two clips to get my point across. Waka’s music did that for me in so many ways.

Photo(s) Of The Year: Random

A confession I have to admit. I am losing interest in photography. With my lack of income and other hobbies surfacing, it seems my camera is being neglected more and more nowadays. I for one am kind of tired just carrying this thing around. This year lacked star quality with my photos but here are the chosen few that get the thumbs up by me.

Concert Of The Year: Rappin’ 4-Tay

The list was was long and distinguished but after all the shit that I’ve seen this year, Mr. Whole Damn Yay took top honors. For me, it was a nod to many things. For one, who would have thought in a million years that this mother fucker even existed anymore. With only a slew of hits and a full piece band to back him up, it was undoubtedly one of the best performances I have ever been to. Best of all, the concert was absolutely free.

SF Event Of The Year: Bay 2 Breakers

I kept it pretty low with the local festival scene but the Bay 2 Breakers would have taken the cake regardless. Mix Halloween, a sluggish marathon, and Octoberfest altogether and you will have one of the best early morning buzzes you will ever experience. It took 28 years for me to even experience this event, so make sure you don’t do the same.

Trip Of The Year: Mancation To Lake Tahoe

With little to no expectations at all, a trip with my cousin and his friends actually beat out my New York vacation. I think in all essence of the word, it was a true vacation with no itineraries at all. Some goals were set though from the beginning but when you check marking a) get drunk, b) eat a shitload of food, and c) hot tubbin’ in the arctic cold…you kind of look around yourself and say “life doesn’t get much better then this!”

Art Show Of The Year: Pixar – 25 Years Of Animation

I know I am biased but a biased opinion is still something to be heard. Pixar is an East Bay gem and a Bay Area company to be proud off. I would think in order to work for this company, you almost have to be as mature as a 5 year old kid. Their art not only displays great artistic talent (and whooped all the other shows I went to), but it portrays a sense of fun while doing it. It’s probably the only exhibit that I actually have gone twice to.

Holy Shit Of The Year: Random Porno actually has a whole lot of history here in San Francisco. The rumors of their existence has always been more myth the reality from my experience. I think the tall tales have even escalated to the point where they host some sort of a sex dungeon party where customers can pretty much have their dick pummeled to a bloody pulp for pleasure. Oddly enough, it’s pretty much true.

I actually just now looked up the footage to see if it actually existed so I knew I wasn’t dreaming. Low and behold…I wasn’t dreaming.

Pick Up Of The Year: Bodhi

Last but not least, there is my pussy. It’s hairy, pisses when needs too, and scratches the fuck out of my leather chair. But it’s just nice to have something roaming around in my apartment. Motherfucker needs to get a job and learn how to do the dished though.

4 thoughts on “The Year End Review: 2010 Edition

  1. whoa! Wacka Flacka? To be honest I have not heard ONE song from that dude if I have, I had no idea it is him. Maybe I should take some of my time to good this dude… maybe worth listening.

    Happy Holiday broski!


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