Happy Kwanzaa

Another one bites the dust. About a week ago, I found myself in a position of some money pains. I flipped opened my wallet and saw that my last $20 was spent on sending my ex-boss home in a taxi cab. Drunken nights equals unfortunate expenditures. I guess I am as gullible as I am stupid. Surviving off laundry machine quarters is no laughing matter. I might as well been on the streets with Larry the bum and Gina the sperm cleaner. All in all, it was a lesson to be learned and something I will undoubtedly go through again. But holidays are a loving time for me. The simplicities of a warm plate of food is equivalent to the Street Fighter II game that I wanted as a kid. It’s good to know that for at least a couple of days in the year, you will be stuffed more then a whore in heat.

From the Fong-man to you viewers out there, I hope you all exercise those colon muscles as you’re lodging that X-mas waste out your poop-chute. Merry Christmas you filthy animals.

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