West Side Story

I was up in wine country over the weekend for a wedding. Feeding ducks and throwing rocks at butterflies. My cousin putting the ball and chain on his ankles for good measure. He considered himself a savant with the ladies but by the end of it, his manish presence paralleled to that of a little boy getting his first erection in gym class. Women will change you…and love makes you do the wildest things sometimes.

As you may have heard, a lone ranger of a team from the west coast has taken the baseball world by storm. Actually I don’t even really think people care about the Giants aside from people in Northern California, but it has seriously caused an uproar in San Francisco.

To get the facts straight, I am an A’s fan. This goes back to the days of Dennis Eckersley, Carney Landsford (who the fuck names their kid Carney!), Walt Weiss, Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire. Since 89′, the A’s have been bunker then bunk and I have showed little interest in baseball since then.

But you have to give it to the die hard fans and even the band wagon jumpers. This has been one of the greatest things to happen to the Bay in a long time and will setup the next season in having more drunk infested days at the game or at the bar.

Thank you Giants.

Now fuck off baseball and bring my real shit into the light! Warriors taking care of business last night against the Grizz. Monte poppin’ off again.

It’s going to be a real fun season!

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