Inna Citi Life

In the Bay, we have transit systems. Probably not as efficient as the New York subway system nor is it as entertaining. Occasionally you’ll have some kids slanging some candy for bucks but never have I seen some random dudes busting backflips for pocket change.

I went and did the pilgrimage to Mecca. In these walls houses the endless antics of my prophet…Howard Stern. All praise due home slice.

The other agenda close to the bottom of my list. It seems customary though to go check out a Broadway play. I’ve spoke about some plays in my past posts. Either I am an uncultured swine or I have to keep it rated G on the story lines. I just don’t understand that whole sing-talking.

But you can’t get any dumber then this…Marry Poppins the musical play. Yes, the bitch that snaps her fingers to clean up shit, flips doughnuts on her umbrella and gets dumb in the club. Boy was Julie Andrews hot in that movie. Don’t lie to yourself…you know I am right.

Anther late night meal in East Village at Udon West. Never fails that constipation is in full affect when your away from your normal porcelain toilet. Still, your stomach will extend a couple more inches to help take in more excess waste. Eat now…poop later.

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