Push It Along

Day two of the saga continues. As if you didn’t get enough…more fucking art! This time my journeys took me to The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Even this place was too much for me to handle. You can literally spend a whole day at this place and find more just lurkin’ around the corner.

Yo homey…I see your balls dude.

Ok…honestly I hate baseball but I had a small itinerary list and seventh from the bottom was to go to the new Yankee stadium and totally just defecate on Derek Jeter’s forehead. Fortunately for those pinstriped butt-rammers, they just happened to be playing away on the days I was here, so I decided to go and check out the New York Mets newly acquired Citi Field. Shea stadium sounded so much better.

Not a bad view for $15 tickets.

This is jet lag working to your advantage. About 3am New York time but only 12am San Francisco time, I still have plenty of energy to get a little more sloshed. Still new to me is this beer game shit. You’d never think beer pong tournaments would live past this hour. I was wrong.

I said Manhattan keep on makin’ it (Bo!), Brooklyn keep on takin’ it (Bo!).

2 Responses to “Push It Along”

  1. Jordan Says:

    Citi Field looks really nice. Come on man you’re not going to be rooting for the Giants?! haha

    • Fongstarr Says:

      Well I am a A’s fan first but I am definitely not mad if the Giants go all the way. Regardless, it’s a good excuse to get a beer tomorrow.

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