The Art And Crimes Of Ron English

Ron is nuts. I’ll speak on him from my point of view, which isn’t as knowledgeable as others. I only know him from the Run Up DVD that I have stashed in one of my storage boxes…so all you superfans of Mr. English, give me a break if I am not giving the guy his due.

So what’s up with this guy? The man has a personal vendetta against Mickey D’s. The gold arches and that iconic clown…it just doesn’t fool this guy at all. He exploits the franchise for what they are and shows that Ronald is in fact a fat Asian obese kid from the Bronx.

Let’s talk about his handle. Politics aside, the man is one hell of a painter. Remember boring humanities class? Learning about these dopey artisans and how they dedicate their lives in becoming master painters. I want to say Ron English embodies those ethics from years past.

Still, I might be jumping the gun from not even knowing Ron English at all. For all I know he could have been that quick to adapt type mofo that watched Bob Ross tapes in painting happy trees and bushes near a nice grassland meadow. It’s a possibility, but I hardly think that is the case.

But I like this guy. His body of work exceeds my own expectations of him and I consider him one of the better artists of today. It’s like all this is one big joke. Picasso painting?…no problem. Pop art?…nigga please! Marlyn with Mickey tits?…that’s my shit!

See it for yourself at the Status Gallery in the SoHo district of New York. Free for your heart’s desire.

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