Gay Accessories

There is a fine line between homo erotic accessories and shit that people just get for the sake getting. The Lakers=gay. Vaginal penetration=not so gay. So where does a kitty fall into this all? I read some stats that a man owning cat is more inclined to be gay then straight. I checked my man card in the mirror last night and didn’t see any signs of frivolous arm waiving nor (importantly) did I want a cock in my ass.

With a little more confidence in my system, I will now introduce to you my rescued cat…Bodhi aka Bodhizafa. Yes, named after the late great actor Patrick Swayze (RIP) who starred in the ever off-the-hook 100% pure adrenaline of a movie…Point fucking Break.

Saw this in the taxi on the way back home from dinner. Someone’s been biting my shit…or it’s a sign that I picked the right name.

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