Still Tippin’ On Four Fours

Drink Jack, smoke some crack…two ingredients in becoming a successful comedian. The beauty of it all (an oxymoron in itself) is funny people get to be put on the bell curve of repulsiveness. If you’re jokes speak wonders, your number 2 on the scale of sexiness could in fact catapult you to a solid 6.5. Now imagine if your face was somewhat symmetrical to your gunt and you succeeded in life as a professional funny-duddy. Welcome the new crush in my life. I am not saying Whitney Cummings is drop dead gorgeous but when she said Pamela Anderson needed drink Magic Johnson’s blood for good measure, I almost shat in my pants from hysteria. Whitney…let’s hold hands after school.

Required viewing for today. To see professional comics at their best, see this and this and best of all, Greg Giraldo.

Cool new spot spot for some uncultured Mexican food. Not for the financially squeamish at heart ($28 margarita pitchers…duh fuck!) but I guess vibes don’t come cheap. Apparently Mexicans don’t come here at all as well, which shows the authenticity of the place. Still…it’s cosher.

Nikon continues to be hamster shit. Releasing a new camera into the photo world, which doesn’t even succeed to the older camera that Canon has already put out months ago. Unknown to me though was a cool feature called multiple exposure, creating that layered lomo affect without the use of film nor photoshop. It was cool for about 2 minutes till I realized its potential of creating cross-eyed blog readers. Drink jack, smoke some crack…the picture might get that much cooler.

Sunday brunch in Japantown. Nothing like drinking hot sake, cold beer and eating sushi all at around 1:00pm in the afternoon.

And we finally had a good one weather wise. I am hoping for that massive indian summer to hit my skin in SF…or better yet, NYC. Till then…

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