The Art Of Story Telling

San Francisco needs to take note from the East Bay. We need more weather like this for the remaining of the summer.

Never assume there is no good cultural destinations in shitty ass towns. In a place where only a couple of months ago where the people of Oakland rioted in rage, lies one of the best curated art exhibits I have ever been too.

Of course I am biased. As a man boy, I feel perfectly content in saying I’d fondle balls to work at Pixar. The level of professionalism just makes me shake my head. 25 years in their existence and one of the sole criteria you have to partake in is to play with toys on your spare time.

This is truly a gift that only Bay Area people get to experience. Pixar is literally a hometown hero and in rare form, they so graciously set some of their original mock ups in the Oakland Art Museum for all of us to enjoy.

But I was naive enough to think I could pop of some pics. Luckily they sold a book that contained every piece of work display in the show. I know this ain’t the real deal but these are some of the things you can see in the flesh.

The exhibit goes clear till January 2011. I haven’t holy’d and wow’d so much over art in my life. You’d be a fool not to check it out.

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