Jazz Thing

I could have pissed on top of my building and made a lot of people pretty upset over the weekend during the Fillmore Jazz Festival. Did you fuckers really have to wake me up so damn early.

I never seen this street as alive as I did this day. The thrill of it all is from the music and the energy of the people who walk it.

It even attracted some left overs from the Pride Parade from last week. $1 gets you a photo and a hand on the ass. Smooth my brother…very smooth indeed.

If there is a way to invent scratch and hear photos, the next couple of shots would hold more weight.

Later I dipped out of the city into my old stomping grounds of the East Bay. Berkeley was quite a site.

No matter how old the technology, fireworks will always scare the shit out of kids and make anyone with a pulse say “oooh”.

Time to go back home.

One Response to “Jazz Thing”

  1. Momma Ann Says:

    dude! was this the filmore jazz festival? cuz me, amber and gabe were there too! to see Manicato!!! and you have a picture of them! awesome!! didn’t see you there though..hmmm…….

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