Suspended In Time With Nothing To Do

Let’s talk about Nikon. First off, the company seems to be trailing in the technology department when it comes to innovation. Canon has just been blatantly ejaculating on them with their new innovations, elevating them above all other competitors and crapping on anyone that wants to eat their shit. Second…talk about a ticking time bomb. Did you know that DSLRs have all been stated to have a specific life expectancy after so many shutter clicks before it goes for broke? I actually prided my style of burst shooting, but little did I know I was actually killing off my camera quicker then the average ho. 2 years…that is how long my camera has lasted before I had to send it in for repairs. That’s pretty fucked considering this is a $1200+ product.

But like the SOB that I am, it is just good to have this bitch back in my hands. Suffice to say that I am not myself without it…which is a sad aspect of any human being and a pretty hard thing to admit for myself since I literally didn’t do a god damn thing since it was away for 2.5 weeks. If this happens again, I am leaving Nikon for good. Pho real doh.

Picked up a used pair of Saviers (a defunct Nike skateboard shoe co.) for pennies to the dollar. Another man’s junk is another man’s treasures. And this is sheer coincidence with the World Cup but yes, these are in fact a limited edition Brazilian colorway.

One thought on “Suspended In Time With Nothing To Do

  1. Alright fuck nuts, I have little else going on with my life aside from and all you post is a shot of your lens and a pair of hipster sneakers?

    Cousin lets get together this weekend!?

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