Back Again

I am already starting to feel the effects in not having a digital camera no more. I decided to finally put my Canonet to use and take it to the free Reflection Eternal concert at Amoeba Records.

There was that era when upper-lower underground hip-hop was exposed to a lot of suburbian kids such as myself. You’d catch a pack of us knuckleheads checking our nod game while watching the latest videos on Rap City. New York had a cool factor and us West Coast kids caught onto it pretty hard.

The new Reflection Eternal album isn’t without its faults. They were doomed to try and overshadow their freshman album but that is really their own fault since the duo split, making fans more eager to await their return. But music has transcended to shit these days and what was created 10 years ago wouldn’t fly for records sales today. Soul African drums are now replaced with vigorously unentertaining synthetic loops. Kweli stays keeping with his conscious rap lyrics and even persuaded Texin’ rapper Bun-B to shout out fucking AIG insurance instead of talking about pimpin’ hoes and making fast money.

But when they do it right, they do it right. This single has been out for a while and I still have it on replay till this day.

4 Responses to “Back Again”

  1. Marcos Rios Jr Says:

    J What happend to ur camera? U still got my aunt waiting, she’s even getting business cards and everythin… hope ur doing good man, take care.

    • Fongstarr Says:

      Sup Marcos. Yeah man…damn shutter broke on my camera. Trying to either get a new camera or get it repaired. Still not sure which one I want to do since it is going to cost me a arm and a leg. Damn…I should have hit you up over the break cause I was in the East Bay.

  2. Jordan Says:

    Yo Fongstarr, haven’t been here in awhile because your blog unexpectedly stopped showing up on my RSS feed! I was planning on going to this RE free show too!

    • Fongstarr Says:

      Sup Jordan. I think a lot of people’s RSS feeds are messed up since I changed my URL a couple months past. You didn’t miss out on the RE show though. It was kind of lame just cause the crowd wasn’t really into it.

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