What Up Cheeksta

With the nose flaring and the snot dripping, I still managed to make it out to the L-R-G premiere last night.

I find myself really enjoying videos that are more exclusive to my own personality. Everyone came out aggressive in this video. All tricks were stabbed and stomped with power. It coupled nicely with the soundtrack which consisted of more beats then riffs.

The man of the hour…Chico Brenes.

So I saved the weirdest thing of the night for last. The disclaimer…I know blogs can be as horse shit as my ten inch dick. People blow things way out of proportion and voice their opinions louder then they really do in real life. I am no savant myself but I really have no use in lying when I tell you this story. So I spilt from Phil at this burrito spot and decide to just go home cause I want to dunk my head in a bucket of water to teach my allergies to go the fuck away, when out of the blue some man gestures my favorite words “Free beer!” I was on the phone at the time but just decided to ask the gentleman what was going on.

“We’re shooting a porno inside this bar and we’re giving out free beer as a gift to people that want to come watch.” “Is everything fair game inside?” “Yes you can perform with the actors as long as you sign a waiver of consent.” “NO! NO! I meant I have a camera and was wondering if I could shoot some photos?” “Sure.” (shrugs shoulders) “What the hell.”

Now I know I am going to get a lot of shit for this cause by me walking through the door, I’ve already labeled myself as the creepy asian dude with the camera. In all honesty, it wasn’t as weird as it should have been. I expected a comic convention of super nerds jacking off to the same stroke as the actors but for the most part, everyone looked normal and kind of just minded their own business.

I don’t know how these guys do it. A sea of strangers and he still manages to just focus getting his pecker being played with.

My fee porno beer. I clocked in about 15 minutes with 8 photos popped off before shit started to get a little hazy and I realized my job could be in jeopardy. I actually didn’t get to watch much cause the crowd shifted to the back of the bar and you had to be a total creep to want to shove yourself through a wall of hard ons. I left in kind of a disbelief that later turned into disappointment. I wasn’t even drunk….just curiosity got the best of me.

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