The Night Shift

Back in college, we had this project where we had to design a short lived product (logo, poster, flier, etc) within a one hour time span. The objective was an awareness. Make designers think on there toes, create things with whatever mediums that surrounded them and then dispose of it like it never existed. I decided to relive this moment and create a new banner from scratch, giving only this night to finish it.

Reasoning behind this is as creators, we cannot always constrict to creating things we so passionately love. Sometimes sacrifices occur so a goal can be achieved in getting your product to your client, even though it doesn’t have your stamp of approval as the best thing ever done.

I went the route where it was most familiar. Not that I was ever good at graffiti but I new this would come the easiest.

Check the time on the screen caps. You can ballpark me starting at about 10pm and finishing around four in the morning. I am not one for technicalities but I’ll say that I accomplished what I set out to do cause I just looked at my fucking window and it’s still black outside. I don’t know where my satisfaction comes in since my back is killing me but I am some what please that I can still do this still even at a snails pace. It’s not the best but I never finish anything nowadays. Thanks to Erykah Badu‘s new album, green tea, and spam/eggs for making this all possible.

Time for bed.

One Response to “The Night Shift”

  1. effustephen Says:

    Good look Fongstarr! I love that you’re designing again!

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