Scratch Nerds

Mother fuckin’ poonani yeah! Shit doesn’t get much better then this! Sun on my back, wind in my face…all I need is some sperm and I’ll feel like a born again adolescent tween in my hay days.

Decided to go and head over to the Francis Ford Coppola bar to get our mafia zone on. They say the Italian beer will make you feel some indigenous thoughts but it only made me want to pee every three seconds.

Later in the night, we got to check out Audio Alchemy at Yoshi’s SF presented by Dan The Automater (above) featuring DJ Q-Bert, Shortkut, The Jazz Mafia All-Stars and Mars-1.

Special appearance of the night with the Hieroglyphics featuring Casual and Knobody

And the man, the myth…the legend. Second to Pacquiao, Q-Bert has to be the 2nd most famous Filipino out there. Dubbed the Hendrix of DJing, the dude is absolutely the best at his craft…and he represents Daily City of all places.

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