This all kind of all started with a documentary that I got to see that disturbed me to the point that I had to visit a place that I haven’t been to for over 20 years.

For the most part, the Golden Gate Bridge is a tourist attraction that parallels such things as the Eiffel Tower and the Statue Of Liberty. You never think anything more than that really.

But unknown to most, this is the number one spot for suicides in the US. I don’t usually geek out on things like this, but I find it fascinating that this whole thing is literally happening in backyard.

Can you imagine the psychological torment that someone puts themselves through as they walk this path? Wondering if you can go through with it or even just wondering if it is worth doing.

I don’t want to get into a long rant about suicide (a very debatable topic to say the least) but I think if anything, this whole thing just put awareness into my eyes about something I never really knew.

If you think this video is your cup of tea and feel compelled to view the whole movie, click here.

4 Responses to “THE BRIDGE IS OVER”

  1. Marcos (The Beaner) Says:

    Wow… this was by far one of the hardest videos i have ever tried to watch. Hope your doing good J. Although now u got me wondering if you need some latina loving, cause u know i got family that love “chinitos”.

    • Fongstarr Says:

      Sup you little prick! Need to holler at you and come to the damn East Bay and get some of your aunt’s tacos like the old days. It’s been a minute dude but I’ll get at you though.

      • Marcos (The Beaner) Says:

        Its coo when ever you want i got YOU!!! I tried to talk to you a couple times when i was n your side of the coast but your ass never answered, and i even left messages… fucker!

  2. SaNTi Says:

    Fuvking Hulu doesn’t work in Canada. That’s probably a good thing though. That video was tough to sit through…

    Loving that first silhouette shot, Fong.

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