Much ado about nothing in the city of San Francisco. The sun is out, the air is fare…but some people just consider this another boring Sunday. I on the other hand agree heavily.

Cafe Madeline served up some marvelous shit this morning. Cafe mocha complimented it pretty nicely.

Kobe the rapist.

Pacquiao the killer.

The print industry is a sad tale of the ages. Newspapers are becoming digital and magazine quality is becoming as bad as Chinese toothpaste. Although I rate Inked Mag as probably one of the worst tat magazines in existence (no wait, Rebel/Urban Ink get the gold metal), I do give them credit for at least constructing a proper magazine with decent print quality. Plus the Kat Von D photos in this issue came out really good.

All day everyday…$2.75 on beers at Brunos is pretty spot on.

And this is about as excited as you can get on Super Bowl Sunday…but that onside kick did get me out of my beer coma. Where the hell did that come from!

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