5 thoughts on “LIKE A TATTOO PART 3

  1. that is soooo nasty…I am constantly telling my wife I want to start a sleeve and she just schluffs it off…it wouldn’t quite work in my current line of work, or I would have to wear long sleeve button downs every day…hmmmm

  2. tattoos on that inner part where your elbow bends can feel little spicy. holler at me anytime you get ink done. i would like to flick some shots. i’ll be there sat the 13th in the afternoon getting work by mr. davis as well.

  3. Sick tattoo, I was wondering if you drew that up yourself or is it a piece by an artist? I’ve been following your blogging for awhile and I remember seeing some drawings and paintings you’ve done and posted on your blog. I’ve been wanting a tattoo for awhile…just still deciding what to get and having the money for it in the first place. For some reason, I can only see myself getting a tattoo of some art done by an artist…or an old Cardiel Anti Hero board graphic.

    1. No, I didn’t draw this piece. I got it from a Japanese tattoo book that I took a cell phone pic off. I hear what you are saying though. Getting the right tattoo is harder then picking out a car, a job, or anything like that. This was my second tattoo and I am even having regrets on this one like I did my first one. I think I am at the point where it’s just inevitable that I won’t get what I truly want because I can’t afford it. Thanks for the props though and there is nothing wrong with getting a Cards board graphics as long as you are straight with it. There eagle logo is tits.

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