Seems like the world is going down to oblivion without me even knowing it. It’s been 6 months since I last seen resident idiot number 1 and number 2 and after four sinful hours of beer and vodka, I feel like I just saw them yesterday. What is with me and my generation-x social circle? I don’t feel like aged fine wine; I don’t feel sophisticated like grey pubes. People tell you to go to school and strive to be something when you get older. So many years later, the achievements that you once thirsted for become the harsh realities of robotic living from day to day routines. It flat out sucks.

The new year sparks new traditions. One of my resolutions of 2010 was too cook more, but I am pretty much failing before it even started. Luckily the slack gets picked up by the professional here.

You ever see Julie and Julia? A nice quirky movie about famous Julia Child and an avid blogger that tries her hand in the 365 day project. Bloggers alike can find a cordial linkship in this movie. Making your frist blog, getting your first comment, and the exploitations that it gets as you progress with each month.

From what I got out of the film is that day to day routines can actually pretty interesting to others out there. Sometimes breaking up regularly scheduled routines is creating your own routines and throwing it into equation.

Hopefully your result is as gratifying as this. I am that dude that just gets to eat shit.

And if time is flying by, I am going to make sure I stamp myself some memorabilia along the way.

2 Responses to “A CLOCK WITH NO HANDS”

  1. effustephen Says:

    Deep, thoughtful lesson. thanks!

  2. Alvader Says:

    Mad dope man!
    keep it up!

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