My man Philly threw his annual house party Wednesday and I was blessed with an invite this year.

Haru giving friendly daps to the guests. He sure looks a lot different from the first time I met him.

Inquiring minds think alike. Nothing like some Evan Hecox decks to compliment the living room.

White elephant has become the rage for the past couple of years. This was my 5th one this year.

The prize of the century…a set of tools with matching purple vibrator for punany anal stimulation.

Thursday on New Years Eve, I did things all different. Dissed the bars, clubs and even getting drunk (I wish my mom can read this but yes, I was sober) and went to see Philadelphia’s finest The Roots at the Warfield.

A lot of things have changed with The Roots with their band members (can’t believe the OG bass player left) but one thing still remains since it’s creation and it is Black Thought as the essential conductor of his band. I found it amusing as most of the band just had their individual moments of euphoria from the patron shots they downed mid way. They would literally just break down and start laughing during a set! It is New Years Eve after all.

But fuck, imagine this! Two and a half hour set of all their classic and new songs and a ballon drop midway at midnight, all while standing 10 feet away from the stage.

This is probably the last time I ever bring my DLSR to a venue. I get pretty shook when a 5 foot goon tell me they’ll take my camera away if I pop of any more shots. When did photography become more of a concern then weed? Anyway, fuck that dude in his pie-hole.


  1. Rolo Says:

    Dope shit Fong, and happy new year.

  2. Rolo Says:

    Fong – Yeah, I know what you mean, my friends is like already behind and said he was going to do it haha.

  3. Joey Says:

    I want to bring my D60 into The Fillmore for phoenix on the 26th. You think that’s a good idea? I’ve been bitched at for taking a picture with my phone, some roadie dude grabbed my shirt and was like “do that again, and your gonna get kicked out”, something along those lines.

    • Fongstarr Says:

      I don’t know man. It’s a tough call just cause you’d hate to get kicked out of a concert for something stupid like that. I don’t think I am ever bringing a DSLR into a concert again and will probably just use my P&S instead. Past 3 concerts have been a total pain to just take pics.

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