Welcome to Fatlace San Francisco. Let me give you the quick two dollar photo tour.

What makes this place different from the rest is its diverse collection of all things unnecessary.

Unnecessary meaning, you could come in with the intent on getting a license plate frame and leave with a skateboard, a hoody, a bike frame, a watch and even some curb wax.

On display there right now smack dead center of the store is a classic German style motorcycle.

But today’s showcase was all about meeting Fashawn, repping of all places Fresno CA.

A Fresno rapper? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of such a thing. I was more in tuned with the Cali underground scene back in early 2000 (thanks to the Beat Junkie mix tapes). Since then, I have retreated to my original love of 90’s hip-hop…so if advancements have been made with new local acts, then blame it on the Goose, blame it on the Henny, blame it on that shitty Jamie Foxx song.

But if first impressions is what the industry measures artist’s success, then this guy will have no problem getting to where he wants to be. Dude was not only appreciative of the people that were there, he also was a total professional and answered every question and took every photo that was requested. Top it off, dude knows how to skateboard and you know that is porn to my ears.

But let’s keep it dolo with the mugshots.

Yup, Mistah FAB aka Yellow Bus Rider Boopiddy-Boopy Yee-yee was there too.

Fellow blogmates Phil and Pizo in the house.

Reign (on you hoes).

The Fatlace staff always holding the store down with the goods that you need.

And Mark and the Nemesis Crew.

I just realized the fat man is indeed coming soon. I need to get on my holiday shopping this weekend. No didlos like last year…I’ll keep things relatively simple.

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