So I have this list right. It is like 4 things deep but for some reason, this shit emphasizes my love for procrastinating. If shit didn’t hurt on the way out, I swear I would just crap in my sleep like a baby if I could. Man…being a baby did have its perks. You just suck on a tit all day, have people splash powder on your little pee-pee and watch stupid people making funny faces at you all day. Sorry, a little distracted (it’s about 2am) but shit, it’s really just…let’s see…fix my damn $2000 computer, get a new job that is somewhat remotely interesting, blow up everyone I hate Jihad style and get some damn internet installed at my crib. 3 of the 4 will somewhat be a problem as I have yet to know how to suicide bomb in fine fashion but thank god that Comcast fella was there at Best Buy last Saturday.

I also just grabbed these tickets today down the block for this Friday. Hopefully I can sneak my cam into the show like I did the last time. And speaking of soul, did you hear the awesome news!

New single is okay. That hint of auto tune kind of makes me cringe a little. It just doesn’t belong.

2 thoughts on “I AM UP AND RUNNING

  1. I’m happy for Goapele; she has really come a long way. And Sade’s return is going to be groundbreaking.

    I haven’t had Internet at the place all week. It’s driving my roommates and I crazy. I’ve been stuck at the lousy SFSU library every day. It’s a huge temporary tent until they finish building the new library in a few years. Sucks.

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