Last couple of months, I have been finally getting my steady supply of free jerk-off mags….along with some of my other purchased useless junk. UP should seriously be movie of the year.

I finally wore my DQM chukkas for the first time. My subconscious mind is telling me these are better then they used to be when I first got them but funny enough, they are still as ugly as snot.

I felt like I needed to keep things simple this weekend. Saturday I decided to hit up this Hawaiian restaurant (Hukilau) that I have always seen on my way to work.

The whole night, I was thinking this was an untapped resource. Here is a place that had drink specials everyday, along with a late night happy hour from 10pm-1am.

Believe it or not, this pretty thing was only $3.

Sunday I hit the Haight to visit some of my usual stomping grounds.

Oboma tokin’ and McCain a chokin’.

SF pro Brian Anderson’s skate deck by Girl. Sometimes the best skate graphic is the most simplest.

And awaiting at home, I finally got my Rebel 8 X Benny Gold hat from last week.

I actually drunk talked with Benny for the first time at the Fatlace party last week and the guy seems like a pretty upstanding citizen. Back in the days when I majored in graphic design, it was always the idea for a lot of us to build an in-house brand and to be successful in the consumer market out there. Sad as a lot of people have tried and failed….and we’re now only left with the power houses that are successful to this day. Dude should feel happy that he is pretty much living the dream. You have to respect that whether you are a fan of his or not.

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